We are very happy that you have decided to investigate our efforts to fight against a discriminatory policy that has elevated the French-speakers to 1st Class status and the rest of us to 2nd & 3rd class status.  The last classification would refer to the half million (575,555 in the 2011  census) English-speakers in Quebec who are harassed in their daily lives by Bills 22, 178 & 101 & by the French-speaking zealots.  Those in Ontario are now in danger of the same treatment as Ontario has a Language Commissioner whose job is to ensure that the 4.06% French speakers get segregated services (schools, hospitals, clinics, etc).

We are only interested in fighting for the rights of English-speakers for jobs as members of the majority; we do not oppose services in French for areas that have a large French-speaking population but we vehemently oppose the rights of French-speakers to work in their language as this inevitably leads to all co-workers & managers having to become bilingual.  As has been proven at the Federal level, French-speakers are the ones most likely to be bilingual and this affirmative action plan has led to an over-representation of French-speakers in the public and private sectors.

We receive letters all the time from English-speaking public servants who are denied promotions & even entry-level positions are denied to unilingual English-speakers who are not even offered the opportunity to take French-language lessons unless they are willing to do so on their own dime and in their own time.

We fight this battle from all angles.  Apart from serving as an educational service with the mandate to circulate information about this battle, we are constantly on the look-out for people who are able & willing to stand for elections & speak in the public arena on our behalf.  Such a person is Howard Galganov who was a Quebecer but, like about half a million people, left because he could not take the racist policies of Quebec.  He fought very hard for the English-speakers, often using his own money, but the English-speaking Quebecers were too afraid to support him.

He moved to Ontario, bought a horse farm in Williamstown & found that Ontario was that Ontario is being coerced by the strong French lobby to adopt policies that are pro-French. Thus the 4.06% French-speakers (2011 census) are being given segregated French-only clinics, schools, community centres & even school buses to keep the French-speaking children away from the English-speaking children. His stand as an Independent in the last Federal election in the riding of Stormont-Dundas-S. Glengarry was unsuccessful mainly because Conservative voters didn't want to split the vote & allow a Liberal to win the seat.

He challenged the Russell township sign by-law on the basis that it is counter to our guaranteed right to “Freedom of Expression”.  Why would a business, any business, not be allowed to advertise or post signs in the language of their choice, whatever that language is?  Why must they be forced to post signs in both English & French?  Shouldn't that be dictated by the business owners' bottom line or personal preference?
New Brunswick with about 30% French-speakers has been made officially bilingual and the English-speakers there are being denied jobs on a large scale.  This is spreading to other provinces and Ontario is the next target. “We have proof that a strong French-language group is trying to force “Official Bilingual” status on the City of Ottawa.   Mayor Jim Watson has resisted this pressure so far.   However, we know that the French elite will not give up and will continue to apply pressure, using every conceivable excuse to do so.   It is incumbent upon us to watch their every move - these are very determined people.   To combat this disastrous move, we have to be just as determined.

We need more Canadians to be aware that this policy has been forced upon Canadians and only Canadians can do anything about it.  Circulate our messages as far as and as wide as you can - help to alert other Canadians that, if they want to put English-speakers back in control, they should fight this policy of enforced Official Bilingualism.
Canadians For Language Fairness