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Everybody knows that the Official Bilingualism Policy (OLA) only applies at the Federal government level and that the only province that has adopted that policy is New Brunswick.  The province of Quebec has used the Notwithstanding clause to avoid having to follow the dictates of that policy but the other provinces have not had the courage to do the same thing for their citizens who are being forced in one way or another to give undue respect to the Federal Official Languages Policy and allowed the Federal governments (both Liberal and Conservative) to use Federal spending powers to coerce the provincial governments to adopt pro-French policies.

The French elites have taken it upon themselves to target the City of Ottawa to adopt Official Bilingual status by 2017.  This is just their opening gambit to force Official Bilingual status on Ontario where the 4% French speakers already have more than their share of service in French. This has already been stated by the French elite who are working to make Ontario Officially Bilingual by 2025.

L'Université d'Ottawa trace la voie

Translated by Google Translate:

If this continues, Mayor Jim Watson will find himself short of arguments to oppose official bilingualism of the City of Ottawa. The stars are aligned for Ottawa to become officially bilingual capital in time for the 150th anniversary of Canada in 2017. We learned in Le Droit on Friday that Quebec is now supporting Ontario in its claims to occupy a greater place in the International Organization of the Francophonie.

Another major advance for Franco-Ontarians, the University of Ottawa got its designation under the French Language Services Act, after four years of sometimes difficult negotiations with Queen's Park. This is a major victory for Ontario Francophones coming generations. Here they are now assured of being able to study in their mother tongue at least until the end of undergraduate university. More importantly, the University of Ottawa has demonstrated that it is possible to embed a French-language services in legislation - without breaking the bank or the institution frozen in time.

Ottawa Mayor should take note.

The objections to a possible bilingual status for the City of Ottawa revolve especially around costs a binding obligation to offer services in French. The University of Ottawa was feeding roughly the same fears when claiming his appointment at Queen's Park. At UofO, as they feared that a designation has the effect of petrifying university programs that need to evolve with modernity.

How do we overcame these obstacles?

First, by ensuring that the designation under the French Language Services Act devoted a situation that already exists. In fact, the University of Ottawa is already largely Francophone with over 13,000 French-speaking students, 80% of staff who speaks French and 1,300 undergraduate courses offered in that language. In the short term, there is no significant costs associated with designation. Then the University of Ottawa made sure to retain the flexibility to adjust its academic programs to reality. Thus, a provision of the Regulation provides that an academic program can be removed from the Act French Language Services if harvest less than five entries for three consecutive years.


The University of Ottawa has just proven that it can be protected by a law services in French without too locked into a binding framework. Why not apply the same recipe to make Ottawa an officially bilingual city? Mr. Watson has always claimed that the current policy of the City of Ottawa, which is to offer services in French where needs warrant, works well. So why not start by making sure to protect what already exists by law, as was done at the University of Ottawa? It would be a good start which would cost virtually nothing to the City of Ottawa, while guaranteeing legal services in French that are yet to thank you for the good will of the city council. In terms of flexibility, the City of Ottawa could again draw on the University of Ottawa. And negotiate clauses allowing it to adjust services in French to the movement of linguistic reality. At the University of Ottawa, the presence of a Francophile president Allan Rock has paved the way for a bilingual designation. But it took much effort and political will to achieve it. Equally francophile, Mayor Watson can also get there. Provided display the same determination as the rector.
Not only are the Elite pushing for Official Bilingual Status for the City of Ottawa & eventually for the province of Ontario, the political factions of the Federal government are working to make this happen:

La francophonie respire mieux

“The Government of Justin Trudeau will create a working group to assess the situation of official languages, says the political scientist Linda Cardinal University of Ottawa. The firm's appointment November 4 will give us a sense of his intentions. Quebec is back in Ottawa outside Quebec as well. "

The researcher draws up a list of Francophone and Francophile starting with the re-elected: Acadian Dominic LeBlanc, the Scotian Scott Brison, Ontarians Mauril Bélanger and David McGuinty. She adds recruits Randy Boissonneault (AB), Daniel Vandal and Robert Falcon-Ouellette (MB), Paul Lefebvre, Andrew Leslie, Francis Drouin, Michel Tight, Aris Virani and Julie Dubrasin (ON), Serge Cormier, René Arseneault, Harvey TJ Pat Finnigan and Ginette Petitpas-Taylor (NB) and queDarrell Samson and Colin Fraser (NS).

"A new generation of MPs came to power, says Linda Cardinal, it is reasonable to expect a different approach. But all is not do it alone. It will remain vigilant and not lose any critical thinking. "

"With Justin Trudeau, there is nostalgia for the good old days, adds the professor. Where are the 80 advisory structures created with francophone communities? It will boost these mechanisms, especially on the Roadmap for Official Languages.

"For a new commitment

Linda Cardinal wants the Prime Minister invited the majority of the population to reconnect with bilingualism. An inspiring environment would enhance the general use of French, particularly in the public service.

The return of the Quebec ruling signals a renewal of commitment to Canada, she believes. "It is no longer a threat to francophone communities. Quebecers will play a key role in advancing the official languages. The new MEPs they understand the situation of minorities? There will be an educational job to do.

The Federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities wants the new government to act quickly on three priorities: "the recognition of the realities and distinct needs of our communities, increased support for activities and services in French created by and for our communities and concrete measures for full compliance with the Official Languages Act. "

"The Liberals are also committed to developing communities with an improved plan for official languages, said Sylviane Lanthier President. When we have an interlocutor at the political level, we want to sit down with that person to discuss the implementation of these commitments. "

Professor of Political Science at Simon Fraser University (BC), Rémi Léger, recalled that two former ministers from Trudeau team have been responsible for official languages: Quebecer Stéphane Dion (2001-2004) and Ontarians Mauril Bélanger (2004-2006).

"Mauril Bélanger is still a very good candidate, he said. But no MP in Ottawa knows better the folder Stéphane Dion. The author of the first Action Plan remains up to date on the issue of minorities. "

"It takes political will at the top of the totem, notes Rémi Léger. It was Jean Chrétien who asked Dion to make a national tour. We would not have had without Christian Dion Plan. "

The teacher expects a different approach from Justin Trudeau. "It's part of its platform to stand out with a new generation of MPs, highly educated and younger. In the West, we find some very interesting candidates. "

"Randy Boissonneault was very active in the Franco-Albertan community, explains Rémi Léger, he served on the Economic Development Board and the Federation of French sport. One of the four Liberal MPs from Alberta will be the firm. "

"The Manitoba MP Robert Falcon-Ouellette is a francophone Aboriginal very beautiful course. After a PhD at Laval University, he taught at the University of Manitoba. "

The group includes two women outside Quebec. Ginette Petitpas-Tylor, of Moncton, is a social worker who has worked with women and victims of crime. The lawyer Julie Dabrusin, of Toronto, is an ecological and community activist.”
We have been alerted to the French agenda to amend the 1982 Constitution so that Official Bilingualism becomes a Federal policy, no longer to be left at the whim of provincial governments.

Constitution canadienne: le français toujours inférieur à l’anglais

OTTAWA - Making  Ottawa and  Ontario  a bilingual city and province ... Ambitious projects abound for 2017. But at the edge of the 150 th anniversary of Canada, should we not also look at an anomaly which dates from 1867? This is certainly the opinion of participants in the study day organized at the University of Ottawa, Friday, November 6: "A Constitution for officially bilingual Canada in 2017?"

bvachet@tfo.org |BVachet

Not many people know but the Canadian Constitution, the founding act of the country, does not represent the linguistic duality of it.

"This is one of the best kept secrets of the universe constitutional" jokes Alain François Bisson, of the Faculty of Law of the University of Ottawa.

Two French versions exist, a 1867 and a 1982, but none have been formally adopted, so that the Canadian Constitution in English continues to predominate in the courts.

"It is still amazing that under the Official Languages ​​Act, our laws must be bilingual when the Constitution of our country itself is not" has questioned the Commissioner of Official Languages ​​of Canada Graham Fraser.

If parts of the Constitution exist in both languages, others are still not available, says constitutional expert, Sébastien Grammond.

"Large parts of the Canadian Constitution were adopted in the UK and therefore, only the English version is official. This is unacceptable in terms of principles but also of equality and justice between the two official language communities! "

In 1999, a complaint was filed with the Commissioner of Official Languages ​​at the time, Dyane Adam, by the sovereigntist activist Gilles Rhéaume. It was finally declared "unfounded" by police.

A symbolic gesture

Yet, Article 55 of the Constitution Act, 1982 is explicit: "the Minister of Justice of Canada is responsible for drafting, at the earliest, the French version of the portions of the Constitution of Canada referred to in Annex [ this law]. "

A French Constitutional Drafting Committee had even been formed and a report submitted to Parliament in December 1990. Since then, the file has not advanced.

"This is unfinished business and should close the loop", thinks the lawyer, Mark Power.

In 1982, the opportunity was good to complete this project, said the Senator Serge Joyal.

"I must admit, we made a mistake by not immediately adopting the version we already had. We fished for optimism. "

The prospect of the 150th anniversary of Canada in 2017, opens an interesting window to correct what some see as "an anomaly".

"For 2017, the federal government must have the courage to ask two important things: a constitution and a bilingual capital of Canada officially bilingual! The time is right! ", Launched the Senator Joyal.

Reluctance policy

To achieve this will require recognition of the French version by the House of Commons, but the Senates of the ten provinces unanimously. A perilous exercise which no politician wants to tackle. Invited to the study day, the Attorney General of Ontario Madeleine Meilleur has also preferred to remain cautious about the potential role of the province in the folder.

"This is an issue that is interesting and that concerns me, but when it comes to open the Constitution to include bilingualism, we know that all provinces and territories have other issues to bring to the table. I do not know if someone has the courage to open up the Constitution because the last debates have left scars ... It's not my responsibility, but that of the Prime Minister who is also responsible for intergovernmental affairs. "

Meilleur indicated, however, that participants would address this with Kathleen Wynne. But his response has disappointed the lawyer Mr. Power, a supporter of a bilingual Constitution.

"I understand Ms. Best has other priorities but I do not agree when it implies that it is not an important issue. This is an issue that could be resolved quickly and Ontario could have a leading role, "suggested the lawyer Mark Power.

For stakeholders, the solution seems less complicated than it appears.

"It is not a constitutional amendment, but just add an official French version," says the professor of the Faculty of Law and the Institute of Official Languages ​​and Bilingualism, Pierre Foucher.

"This will take political will. There is an initial reluctance but if we explain to the politicians that this is not a controversial issue, I think the door is more open. The important thing is to avoid reopening the Constitution where everyone comes up with their demands, "thinks Mr. Grammond

Remains an issue on which it will decide: the historical version of the 1867 Eugène-Philippe Dorion counsel or the 1982 Committee.
We expect that our new Prime Minister will use his influence & power to bring this status into being. PM Trudeau Jr. has been recorded as saying that he believes that Canada belongs to Quebec
We cannot depend on our provincial governments to protect us - they are all complicit in their compliance with the French agenda and will do nothing to help.  You can start by contacting separatist parties out west (there are several already established) - contact me if you wish to know about them.  You can also try to understand why Western Canada is so alienated from Eastern Canada by linking to this film being circulated by the National Film Board. The trailer is free to watch but to watch the 90 min. film will cost you less than $5.00 (very well worth it).
This is the ad that we will be posting in various news media when we have collected enough money to do so.

Ottawa is under severe pressure from the French elite (University of Ottawa lecturers & most Liberal politicians) to coerce the City to be declared "Officially Bilingual".

The current policy - established in 2001 (by-law 2001-170) resulted in a working policy referred to by Bob Chiarelli as Practical Bilingualism which is now considered inadequate because the City cannot be legally forced to translate documents such as the City budget or indeed anything they consider "essential".

We CANNOT allow this to happen.

Using the current guidelines, the actual spending in Ottawa was $3,064,000 in 2013; $3,115,000 in 2014 (an increase of about 2% from 2013) & the 2015 cost is projected to be about $3,175,000.  However, with official bilingual status, based on the actual proportion at the Federal level (spending on OB was 0.675% of total budget in 2012), Ottawa's spending on providing service in both languages can conceivably increase to $21 Million.  We have used figures from the Fraser Institute's 2012 report as we have no other recent official report to refer to.  It can be assumed that the actual cost could be substantially higher.

Can we afford that?

A petition has been drawn up for any citizen to sign - each sheet contains spaces for five (5) signatures.  A copy of this petition is available on our web site.

Just say "NO" to official bilingualism for Ottawa
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“Forced Bilingualism Discriminates Against the Majority”
Public Meeting Hosted by English-Language Advocates
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Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2016
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1. Barry W. Dickman, President of English-Language Advocates will be the chair for the meeting, called to order at 7:30 pm.
2. Opening remarks and introductions by the chair.
3. Barry would like to comment on our attendance at the Monarchist event on Jan/8/16.
4. Report on the Thursday, November 26, 2015, French Language Services Advisory Committee meeting.
5. Ten minute break.
6. 50/50 draw
7. Goldie Ghaman from Landowner wants to get the nomination for the PC party in Nepean in 3 years.
8. Progress of our Petition against OB for Ottawa - the French push continues
9. Prof. Robson's documentary on the 1982 Constitution
10. Patrick Brown - does he care about the English-speakers of Ontario?
11. Adjournment.
Next public meetings to be held in 2016, starting at 7:30 pm
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